Reasons to Like Cthulhu Mythos: Jentog Ma´nes

New Independant Non-Human Race for the Cthulhu Mythos: Jentog Ma´nes

If you’re a fan of H.P.Lovecraft you may enjoy seeing a new addition to his incredible pantheon of gods and monsters. If you’re unaware of H.P.Lovecraft, then peel the rime off your eyeballs and get into this world of ultimate, sanity-blasting cosmic horror…

Jentog Ma´nes was first mentioned in the free Yellow Dawn sourcebook, Monsters of the Mythos; which lists a whole raft of new Outer Gods, Great Old Ones and non-human species for the Yellow Dawn (Age of Hastur) RPG. A new addition to the Cthulhu Myhos. Below you’ll find an extract of their listing in RPG format and also an account of them mentioned in narrative fiction.

“They’re a race. A breed. Slaves to the ancient mages. The sorcerers. And to witches of the black goat, those who worship the Great Mother with a Thousand Young and perform blood sacrifice before the throne of the Black Man.”
Jentog Ma’nes.
It didn’t sound like any kind of words. Just a sound, one that made her shudder.


Yellow Dawn (RPG) Description

Jentog Ma ́nes

NON-HUMAN SPECIES – Thin, black, and faceless humanoids with long powerful leg limbs ending in cloven-hooves, and wiry arms with broad hands and long webbed fingers. They’re incredibly fast, can go rigid and utterly motionless within a microsecond and move in sudden spurts, stopping to observe then moving off again. Their skin has a smoky, dust-like quality that leaves a shimmering ‘echo’ when they abruptly move away. With low intelligence, no language or culture, they make ideal servants within the Mythos.
STR: 25 INT: 3 DEX: 25 Mass: 1.8 HP: 18
D/b: +1d8 THSP: 4 ANX: 0/1d6
12 metres per round sprinting on muscular lower limbs; 20 metres jump (possible once per 3 rounds). They can run ‘through’ any wall up to 40 (combined SP & DP), vanishing on one side in a puff of evaporating black granules, emerging on the other side leaving the wall unmarked.
Physical skills:
Intelligence skills:
They dislike sunlight but are not harmed by it. They are a nomadic race, easily impressed by powerful sorcerers and bound into service as thugs and assassins.
impaling weapons only do minimum damage.
180°, through sub-dermal sensory organs that allow it to see/hear in all spectrums, with a range of 500 metres and 40% effectiveness.
Threat Zone:
attack skill 75%
Shout darkness: sends out a high-velocity spray of black evaporating granules. Covers 1d3 body areas, each affected body area suffers 1d6 HP damage from a
“shotgun” style wound worsened by an acidic burning. Any armour is damaged by ½ the rolled damage.
Close Proximity:
attack skill 100%, 1d4 hits
[1-2] strike with hands; if the target is not protected by enclosed armour, then the hands appear to plunge in and then out of the victim’s flesh, in the same action the victim loses 1d6 Hp, and permanently loses 1d3 CON & POW.
[3-4] body bash, delivering 1d3+d/b stun.
Use of Magick:
POW 10, they do not use Magick


Jentog Ma´nes as used in fiction


It was the sound of rushing grains of glass that made
her stop digging. Similar to what she’d heard countless time
before since arriving in Norway but this was louder – nearer.
And looking down into the hole she was digging she saw the
earth falling away. The movement revealed a badly
decomposed face with a mouth yawning wide and black
beneath empty, soil-filled eyes. But around the murdered
corpse of the real Sir Charles wasn’t the earth of the land
but something else, emerging from the object clenched in a
bony dead hand, flooding space around her boots, swirling
like a fluid made from glittering granules of jagged inky
glass. The shock made her forget the gun pointed at her.
She leapt from the grave, fell backwards and scrabbled
backwards through the damp grass as far as she could.
Ray Soto was staring, horror mixed with fascination, as
a twisting thread of black granules spiralled up from the
hole she’d made in the ground. And then it took on a
shape. Of sorts.
Thin, black, humanoid but faceless with long powerful
legs ending in cloven-hooves that even now continued to
form as it stepped onto solid ground. The thing held out
wiry arms with broad hands and long webbed tendrils that
could have been fingers. It shimmered and shifted, then
went rigid and utterly motionless within a microsecond,
stopping to observe then quickly spurted forwards. Its skin
had a smoky, dust-like quality that left a shimmering ‘echo’
each time it moved.
Its approach was threatening and taunting and potent
with menace. Ray Soto screamed in fear and rage and began
shooting into it. The Jentog Ma’nes darted from each bullet,
circling around, Ray Soto following, turning to keep it in his
sight. Erica, half-mad with terror, saw her chance. The
carbo-plastic shovel was still clenched in her hand. She
hauled herself up and made to jump over the grave, to
smash the sharp edges of the shovel into the back of Ray
Soto’s skull. But the Jentog Ma’nes reared up directly in
front of Soto, causing her to falter and stagger backwards.
As did Soto. His legs jerked spastically, his hips swung wide
as he careened, holding the emptied gun in front of him, his
other arm held up across his face.
A sticky black hole opened where a mouth should have
been, an awful shout erupted, the sound of a million angry
buzzing hornets filled the air, and Erica saw a stream of
razor sharp granules blast into Ray Soto’s head.
Soto gurgled blood and shredded tissue, twisting away
to reveal a gory mess clinging to yellow bone where a
moment earlier a human face had been. He toppled over
into the grave, arms and legs flailing; choking sounds whilst
shrieking in agony and terror. Eric’s eyes bugged wide as
she woodenly backed away, unable to tear her gaze from the
scene as the thing hovered on the edge of the open pit,
tilting it’s the smooth ellipsoid of its head from side to side
as if regarding its prey.
And then it dropped down, into the grave, onto Ray
Soto, a frenzy of savage blows from its stick-like arms,
ripping open the meaty carcass of the man to extract his
innards in a feast of blood.
Erica turned and ran

From the short story – Jentog Ma´nes by David J Rodger


Featured hero image – Faceless Humanoid, source unknown, please advise and I will credit


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