Personal Blog: switching focus to RPG

¦ dialling in from the sky bunker ¦

Thank god for the weekend. Last week was just shit. Pure and simple.  Shit.  I’ve been fighting with flu for a whole month now, since I got back from Hayling Island. Plays havoc with energy levels. And not helped by the fact work (the day job) has been mental!!!  Digital projects are complicated.  Gotchas pop-up out of the code when a developer starts to inspect a ticket and goes: “mmm, that’s not going to be easy”.  That’s par for the course. That’s their job to let you know. But when you get a few of them coming in at the same time as the Business saying, we now have a hard and fast deadline for this being delivered… you are like, ffffffffffffurk.  Cortisol scarring of my arteries as stress levels spike through the roof. Nanometres of tooth enamel ground down with clenching of jaw.  At the same time my daily commute has been doubled in duration, because the road I use to get between Bristol and Bath being closed due to catastrophic subsidence, a result of all the rain we have had since Christmas. That, actually, isnt too bad. As I’ve dumped the car in favour of using the bus and now have time to sit and chill with a book, or use the Internet with free wi-fi (thank you First Bus).

Meanwhile, I have been managing to maintain a steady 45 minutes a day on the new novel, (Oakfield). Really enjoying this new paradigm. Time to enjoy other things. Had an epic session of Yellow Dawn this weekend: the characters were able to step away from the years of slogging through mud and grime, scratching out a hard living from scavenging and shitty contracts… into big gun conflict with corporate mercenaries, swarms of Infected and covert ops.  Great chance to flex the tension cables on the rulebook for firearm combat and vehicles. Worked a treat.

Also posted a free bolt-on for Yellow Dawn. More Hero Bonuses and a way of spending existing Hero Points to create ad-hoc heroic effects.

It feels like my focus is now shifting away from the fury of writing novels to the different brain space of playing Yellow Dawn and developing new features for it.

Currently reading a SF classic, Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein, the author who wrote Starship Troopers.  This was written in 1956 and its brilliant.  Has that fast punchy pace that I like to adopt in certain scenes. The language is very dated, but in a – this was a view of how people might talk in the future with a Hollywood screen actor point of view.  I like it. It works. Not something you could use today but rests comfortably in the chrome rocket ships and air-fins of the 50s.


Spotlight: Entry level access to the Cyberpunk Cthulhu Mythos mash-up that defines Rodger’s work

David J Rodger – DATA



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