Personal Blog: enjoying myself

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Work continues on the new novel, Oakfield. 45 minutes a day. Giving up only such a small portion of my day to the book (as opposed to 3 to 5 hours a day) is giving me lots of time to drift around other things. Fun things.  I am having fun again. Working on some photos from old trips.  Writing up new bolt-on systems for Yellow Dawn RPG – a raft of new Hero Bonuses plus ad-hoc ways to spent Hero Points (if they have them) to eject characters out of trouble. I’m also dabbling with the idea of picking up a couple of the novels I started in last couple years but didn’t pursue due to focus on delivering The Black LakeLiving in Flames and The Social Club.

I got round to watching Lifeforce (1985), the DVD that arrived last week. Fantastic!!! I know I watched it back in 1987 but couldn’t really remember much about it. It’s got all the wonderfully clunky features of a ’60s Hammer House of Horror vampire movie, updated to 1980s England, with some pretty rubbery special FX – and some brilliant ones too.  But the production and editing gives it a great energy that really held my interest from start to finish.  You can see tones of it echoed in 28 Days Later.  Vampires and Zombies combine.  There’s a relentless sense of doom as the Infection spreads and London descends into chaos.  And, sorry but Oh My God: Mathilda May. What a dish! In the movie she is cast as the epitome of female fantasy, sexual desire and inescapable attraction. I would not stand a chance.

Mathilda May actress who was in Lifeforce 1985 - photo by bettina rheims all rights reserved

Mathilda May – photo by Bettina Rheims – all rights reserved

In Lifeforce, through exposure to this extraordinary femme fatale,  Col. Tom Carlsen acquires seemingly supernatural powers and teams up with the stalwart SAS Col. Colin Caine (Peter Firth) to track down the source of the Infection spreading across London. These scenes brought to mind the grim, violent and gritty determination of E-Branch (Espers), an agency that appears in the excellent set of novels by British horror author under the umbrella title of Necroscope. Lumley takes the concept of the vampire to whole new level of creepy, chilling terror with his Whamphyri. Bloody brilliant. E-Branch employs people who specialise in metaphysical talents. You could say an agency set up to prevent ESPionage but ultimately drawn into the battle of “good” versus “evil” in the occult sense.

Brian Lumley Necroscope - a novel that takes vampires  whamphyri to a new level of blood chilling terror

Necroscope – a novel that takes vampires to a new level



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