VIDEO: Cthulhu & Cocktails: When Game Geeks Get Together to Talk About Old Times

Fun night out with Yellow Dawn RPG players new and old

This is a rather fun little video shot in Bristol at a couple of places, including my one of my favourite cocktail bars.  It features Nice Guy Tony and Simon P for Penfold, two players from 1995, and Zaniah who joined the group in 1998 back when everyone was playing my home-cooked system based in the near-future cyberpunk universe of my novels – with a hearty dose of Cthulhu Mythos. There’s also  Game Breaker Hagen – who managed to destroy that home-cooked system in 2005, leading to me creating the concept of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur in 2006, published in early 2008.  A lovely set of folks who I’ve had the pleasure and honour to consider regular players – and friends – for many many years.  The video does expose our true inner geek but also highlights the fantastic thing about role-playing games: the way that scenarios played, embed themselves in the memory with such a visual-emotional power they remain there, like memories of actual experiences, for decades.

The video then shifts to later in the evening. A few more drinks. Hagen, a deeply shy, lovely and sincere chap, decides to take a shine on the barmaid. We cajole him into making an approach, using the imminent launch party for my novel The Social Club as a great “excuse” to invite her out.  There is a slight faux pas.

Enjoy the video.


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David J Rodger – DATA


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