Personal Blog: A soggy interlude before the end of the world

¦ Dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦

Progress with the new novel, Oakfield, continues at a deliciously slow and steady pace. 45 minutes a day. That’s all I’m allowing. So rather than writing for 3 hours plus a day, I’m finding myself with spare time to tinker with Yellow Dawn RPG (working on some new Hero Bonuses and GM guides, and thinking through Dragomir – a concept for taking Yellow Dawn 10,000 years into the future); play PS3 (going through CoD MW) and generally getting more time to just chill. Saw two movies last week. Robocop and The Monuments Men.

Robocop – I loved the original and I love this remake. They’ve boiled the story down to the essential element: good cop is nearly killed and left physically disabled; bad corporation steps in to “save him” to service their own needs – explore the nature of humanity and the debate about machines being allowed to take action without human controls. Nice inclusion of current day drone warfare, liberal scattering of robots into the story – lots of robots – and solid performances from Keaton and Oldman. So if you’re not seeing Robocop out of loyalty to the original, then change your stance and don’t do yourself a disservice. Go see it.

The Monuments Men. I really enjoyed this although I think the PR is a little misleading – a Hollywood cast and Hollywood billing, its more like an Indie movie. Slow pace. Mild mannered. This isn’t Saving Private Ryan. Characters die but there’s no tragic screaming from the orchestra or a melodramatic play on your emotions: people die in war, it’s sad, the story moves on. The film is about art, and why art is important to save – even at the expense of human life. Because of human life, in fact.

I had a delivery from Amazon yesterday. LIFEFORCE – vampires from space – a movie from 1985 that I’ve not seen since I first watched it back then. A chap on social network was raving about getting it as a birthday gift recently. I took a look on YouTube and started watching it – discovered how fab it is and decided to go buy myself a copy. Hoping to watch it this week.

The storms have finally subsided. England has been battered every which way since Christmas. Gale force winds and insane rain.  Its caused damage to my house. New water feature in the dining room. Lost most of our garden fence too. And now the road I take between Bristol and Bath has been closed due to subsidence – caused by all the water undermining the ground beneath the road (hugs the sides of various hills). Not quite end of the world yet. Just… a soggy interlude.   This led to Petard Ó HEachaidh stating: “How else would you discover the ancient temples under the city?” I replied: “I know, I know, I think Shudde M’ell has a few things to answer for. Damned Cthonians burrowing beneath. Mr Lumley would be proud. Meanwhile, the bus I am on has been diverted to Keynsham.”  A point which Joss Hutton responded to with: “Keynsham is apparently on the same ley line as Innsmouth…”

Talking about the end of the world –  have you seen this video? One guy discusses the global warming argument. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s an interesting way of boiling down the debate. Too simplistic or a powerful message? You decide.


2 thoughts on “Personal Blog: A soggy interlude before the end of the world

  1. Ah Lifeforce – what a gloriously fun film that was. And an excellent soundtrack to boot. Talking of fun horrors, I can thoroughly recommend Razorback; a very stylish ’80s Australian film. Another couple of good films I recently saw are Dead Birds and Kill List (the latter is *nasty*).

    A couple of strange films – not everyone’s cup of tea – are The Objective and Red Sands. Both remind me very much of Roadside Picnic, and Stalker (in all its various guises) in that they deal with a strange other-world impinging on our own. [I adore Stalker, which is what has attracted me to YDs idea of Carcosa impinging on our own world (loved the scene in The Social Club where the protagonist gets a vision of That Place; same with The Black Lake)].

    Now I’m rambling. Long week, and it’s only Tuesday…


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    • Man, I’ve just been hammering IMDB for all of those movies – I’ve not seen any of them and consider myself “into cinema”. Does the Objective have anything to do with Irem? Red Sands sounds very M.R.James. Tell me more about The Stalker as that looks profoundly interesting.

      Thanks for your comments about The Social Club and The Black Lake.:o)

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