Men With Sheds: Taking Man Caves To The Next Level

HIAB_X converts a garden shed into creative lab / man cave

My good friend and soul brother HIAB_X has been very busy. A stonemason by trade, he’s turned his hand to carpentry with a touch of geek-orientated interior design to convert a garden shed into what he calls “a multifunctional place to be creative and just generally chill.”

Fully insulated and heated. It has a work area, sound system, gaming console and bed for guests. That’ll be me sorted for writing breaks then, especially now that my usual haunt, the house by the sea at Hayling Island is offline until 2016.

I’ve known HIAB_X since 1995, when I moved into a big old bachelor pad above his. We called it the Ying Yang house due to the seesaw nature of karma rolling through our lives.  Both in our mid-20s at the time, he was a fiend for spending the little money he had on toys.  I was a fiend for practical jokes – but that’s another story.  After nearly two decades of being boxed up in storage, its great to see these items properly out on display.

HIAB_X actually banned his wife from entering the cabin until he had reached a point where he felt happy to show her how and why he had spent so much of his free time doing it up. She was so delighted with the reveal, that they spent most of new years night having a two person party down there. Here’s some photos of what is considered still a work-in-progress:

HIAB_X is the inspiration behind the short story “Head In A Box” and the character that I created for my spooky children’s story – Cloudy Head (Cthulhu Mythos for kids) <> Paperback <> Download <>  Or buy it as part of the the collection of short stories “Songs of Spheres”: <> paperback : from LULU <> Kindle: US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro), FR (Euro)


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