Personal Blog: Flu

¦ Dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦

I got back from a fantastic few days of isolation on Hayling Island last week – and then fell ill. This isn’t man flu. This is something that feels like a jack hammer drilling away behind my eyes.  A statement, I am sure, that some folks will declare is the very definition of man flu: we (blokes) always claim to be dying when we get ill.  Anyway, I’ve been unable to take time off work due to critical stage of two big projects, so have been coming home exhausted and just crashing out asleep. Things improved dramatically on Friday, however, when I discovered phenylephrine hydrochloride and a large dose of whiskey, made all the pain go away and the world feel really very fluffy and lovely.  Saturday morning wasn’t great, but more dosing up allowed me to run an epic session of Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) where the characters were dragged through a bit of a rollercoaster of surprise – what can go wrong when you jump on a ship to Libya in a post-apocalyptic setting? *dark smile* Really great fun, and always a pleasure to see lines of tension carved into the faces of my loyal players.  Meanwhile, work on the new novel Oakfield continues, 45 minutes a day is all I allow myself.  Progress is slow but steady, and I’m enjoying indulging in the world I’ve created.

CREDIT: Featured Hero Image – Concept Art – Tory Miles – All Rights Reserved


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