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Thursday. I think. Brain on go-slow. Too much input from … everything.  Good progress with the new novel (OAKFIELD) last few days, although very slow. Managing 45 minutes a day and that’s it. The result is that it’s taking me days and days to get through a chapter – when it only used to take a couple – so I am getting to enjoy being fully immersed in each scene.

Slow but steady progress with Yellow Dawn: Dragomir, a new medieval dark fantasy campaign setting using the Yellow Dawn core rules. Again, I’m enjoying the pace. It’s about doing things for pleasure rather than feeling like it’s another raft of WORK.

Walked into Boston Tea Party cafe in Bath one morning last week and saw a woman sitting there with a copy of The Social Club (novel) in her hands. She looked totally engrossed. Good feeling. And reminded me of that scene in Salem’s Lot, when David Soul’s character, the author Ben Mears spots a young woman reading one of his books in a park: made me realise how much that movie influenced my teenage mind and in some way probably ignited the desire to become a writer.

I’m back into playing chess again. I really got into it last August (2013) during what I was calling a “no writing month” as an attempt to try and find balance in my life between creative work, social life and having fun. Two characters I’d met from the cafe, a freelance movie location manager called Simon, and a criminal defence lawyer called Nick, turned into morning and evening combatants over the chess board during that month. But September saw me get lost in the final prep for launching the Social Club, October was me writing 14 short stories in 6 weeks, and November was the launch party for The Social Club – and I think by December I was a gibbering mess. Getting my arse kicked across the board but I’m enjoying the learning process.

I’m a nut for old black and white horror movies. Grew up on some of the classic Karloff and Lugosi flicks. But recently I’ve been catching up, thanks to YouTube, on a few that I had no idea even existed – or had heard of but never found an opportunity to view.

This weekend I watched The Old Dark House (1932) with Boris Karloff as Morgan – not a particularly great role for him but I suppose at the time he was still struggling within the studio stereotype of what kind of roles he could play. This movie is an absolute gem. Described as a dark comedy, the comedy is pretty thin and flaky but the atmosphere and the story is fantastic. And the ending – for a movie of its period, the combat and the insanity of the character who is revealed only near the end… brilliantly chilling, I thought.

Boris Karloff as Morgan in The Old Dark House (1932)

Boris Karloff as Morgan – The Old Dark House (1932)


Rave Praise for The Social Club – {click}

David J Rodger – DATA



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