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Tuesday.  I’ve got a good rhythm going on at the moment. Reducing my time spent on writing down to just 45 minutes a day has been a great move. My thinking: I’ve done 8 novels already, why rush the new ones? It means I am really enjoying writing Oakfield and I hope that comes through in the work – especially the luxury and (currently) uplifting atmosphere and mood of the place – a remote house on the edge of an isolated town on the coast of Cornwall (England). Also dropping in little nuggets of darkness hinting at the badness that is looming up all around the characters. Same vibe as EDGE where the main character set was “stuck” in one beautiful location whilst things inexorably turned into a nerve-shredding experience of torment and terror.

I managed to get the first glimpse of Dragomir out the door on Sunday. World exclusive! Hah, right. Anyway, I’ve been getting some very positive feedback from folks. I think people are surprised by the direction I’ve taken Yellow Dawn – 10,000 years into the future (the Age of Hastur has come to an end). But I’m really pleased that folks feel it works – especially the notion of weaving Middle Earth / D&D into the Mythos.

Still a lot of work to do there but slowly slowly I reckon.  My game group are still very much Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur and will be for a few more weeks. But once I’ve got a bit of the gritty mechanics for Dragomir written up I’ll be looking to start play testing with them.

Meanwhile, Dragomir as a concept-in-motion is out there, and there should be enough material for smart GMs (DMs) to maybe make a start on dropping characters into it.  Let me know if you do. Contact Form.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: I went to see this a week or so ago. Was feeling a little glum that day. Went to the cinema on my own (why do so many people think that’s weird?!). What an amazing movie. Not a typical Ben Stiller flick. I came out of the cinema feeling utterly euphoric and in-love with life.  If you’ve not seen it, I really suggest you give it a go.

Wolf on Wall Street. Well. What can I say. Three hours of drug taking and sex orgies.  Fear and Loathing meets Gorden Gekko with a heavy dose of the inter-family drama of CASINO. It’s yet another masterpiece by Martin Scorsese. It is full on fucking, freaking out and fun wrapped around a heart of tragic darkness. If you’ve “been there” in any kind of way then this is a movie you’re going to find deliciously uncomfortable to observe. It makes you participate. Not for the easily offended. And some folks are going to find the humour just way too crude to be acceptable. But I loved it.

Right now I am getting deeper and deeper into the dark digital sounds of Arnaud Rebotini, especially this track: Their Synthetic Majesties Request.



Found another fantastic image of Nyarlathotep to use as my Book of Faces avatar.  This one is a painting by Jyri Straechav, who has some deliciously dark images available via Google image search (DeviantArt Profile). Check him out and say hello…

Painting of Nyarlathotep by Jyri Straechav all rights reserved

Nyarlathotep, Jyri Straechav – all rights reserved



David J Rodger – DATA



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