Yellow Dawn Session Notes 18th January ¦ Aigues-Mortes to Celeste – the bad doctor

Opened Graves, missing corpses, and a doctor mad with grief seeking the spirit of his dead wife

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also has three novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake and The Social Club.


Resume Evening of 12th April YD+10.

The team is just settling into their lodgings in Aigues-Mortes. A cheap (but OK) place near the main gate. Hot showers. Clean beds. They have a few days to kill. Toten Reich will be paying them via lodgings and food only for now. Once they head out to Libya he’ll put them on 60 coppers per day for the whole team.

A week goes by with the characters recovering from frost bite. Ludo finds work on the canals. Brendan wakes from his coma and comes back to health.

They all get to reflect on their lives, now being here INSIDE Aigues Mortes after so many months (or years) in the hard grime of the squalid market and settlement beyond the gates, outside the town proper.

19th April, YD+10
Baron Toten Reich visits them one evening as they sit in tavern below hotel eating hearty stew and ales. He has a friend who needs help. A woman called Eliane who has created a successful community, in a place 40 miles west, off the Interlink. Problems with graves being dug up.

The team take on the work. Old man Jaques drives them out there on horse and cart next day.

20th April, YD+10

Rural French property used as post-apocalyptic setting for scenario in Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur

Celeste in Post-Apocalyptic France

Celeste. 100 people with Eliane as the matriarch. Self-sufficient survivor settlement.  She employes Bryan to patrol other small hamlets in surrounding area to enforce law – good values – with her as a self-nominated judge she it be required. It works, usually.

However, there are graves being dug up and there is a strange (city) scientist in an old ruined mansion on the hill that dominates the area – he is there with a weird woman (mystic) and a mute brute of a man – Algi.

Team quickly embed themselves and get to work.

Big metal bootprints in graveyard earth.

Enigmatic and securely locked chapel promises clues.

Samir forms a strong bond with the “sheriff”, Bryan Steele

Winter gets it on with Eliane.

Young 13-year-old Alexandre hero worships Bela (Changed).

Bela, Samir and Brendan on stakeout in graveyard, all three fall asleep. Wake up with banging headaches – Bela is missing.  Samir and Brendan discover they’ve been injected, drugged during sleep.

Find secret hatch in chapel leads to rotting vineyards on the mansion estate.

Bryan goes missing – separate story about the Fortier brothers being angry with him killing their brother previous year. 18 months of threats.

Team confront the occupants of the mansion-house. Stand off with Algi and a shotgun. A Dr Haung tells them their friend is OK and has been left at front of house. They find Bela there, OK but unconscious. They take him back to Elianes. Bela’s been drugged. He wakes and tells them about his experience in the mansion-house: being fastened into a chair, in a circle with others (dead bodies) around a strange machine… wearing a boiler suit, heavy gloves and boots and a crystal domed helmet.  He says that the character’s intervention worried Dr Haung, “Nothing can be allowed to interfere with my experiments” and is probably the only reason Dr Haung released Bela.

The encounter a man on a horse, a professor from the Living City of Montpellier – he has tracked Dr Haung down after discovering shipments of specialised electrical equipment being shipped from Montpellier to here.  The man is concerned about what Dr Huang may be doing after what happened 2 years ago in Montpellier – the man tells the characters a tragic tale of a brilliant doctor who went mad with grief after the death of his beloved wife, and his descent towards darkness after meeting a supposed medium, a psychic who misused the apparatus Dr Huang had been developing.  Huang was found out and driven out of Montpellier by authorities.

A couple more people from settlement go missing. Subjects for the experiments?  Team storm house – just as they hear the awful machine powering up. Bela throws a stone through window he knows is for the room where the machine is kept. Then through the smashed window he chucks a stick of lit dynamite (he only had a 31% chance of success and Bela rolled “31” on 1d100 —- many whoops of delight from all players).

Deadly explosion. A boiler-suited body is blown out through window, on fire. It is writhing around but the crystal helmet smashes and the body resumes being a withered corpse – except, a demon, that was trapped inside of the suit, injected in there by the machine, is now free and attempts to take possession of Samir.

More demonic entities are encountered. The characters fend them off. Allow the mansion to burn down.

Russo (Eliane’s young stud is killed).

Next Day team visit Fortier brothers farm and find the battered and tortured body of Bryan – they freely admit to murdering him. An eye for an eye.  If the team had acted sooner, they may have saved his life.  Samir will have to live with that now.


23rd APRIL YD+10

Mid-morning, Samir, Bela, Winter and Brendan are with Eliane and a couple of hands from the town of Celeste, looking at murdered body of Bryan and talking to the two Fortier brothers who murdered him.

They need to return to Aigues-Mortes. They’re being paid 60 copper a day as a team, but from when until when? That will be for Baron Toten Reich to inform them as and when they return.

Need to resolve FIRST AID for Winter and Bela who were shot in legs by Algi with shotgun.


<> All money is up to date: although the team haven’t been paid for this job yet.
<> Bela has some raw components and specialised components he scavenged on the way to Prudence.
<> Bela has a special ops gel suit, although armour is wrecked over heart and right thigh.
<> Samir has acquired Algi’s shotgun, which he had Bela convert into a sawn-off; he also has 2 shells for it.
<> Bela and Winter both suffered 4 HP wounds to their thighs when Algi opened up on them with shotguns.


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