Dragomir: taking Yellow Dawn into a new Dark Fantasy Future

DRAGOMIR: YD10K – a new world setting within the framework of YELLOW DAWN

This might take a few folks a bit by surprise. The Age of Hastur has come to an end. The Days of Mayhem and Madness have seen the dominion of the King in Yellow pushed aside as the wars of the Cthulhu Mythos erupted across the Earth.

Free Bolt-On: this post contains a PDF of a new concept, very much work-in-progress. An evolution of YELLOW DAWN RPG.


The original YELLOW DAWN was written as a near-future post-apocalyptic setting with a mix of corporate cyberpunk, wilderness survival and all the flavours of Mad Max in between.  All of this couched in a world rocked by the insidious influence of the Great Old One, Hastur – The King in Yellow.

DRAGOMIR is an expansion on that setting, skipping 10,000 years into the future to give you a Dark Fantasy realm, a Middle-Earth with Mythos experience – you can download the PDF here.

DRAGOMIR by David J Rodger takes Yellow Dawn RPG into Dark Fantasy realm, Middle-Earth with Cthulhu Mythos

DRAGOMIR – click to download PDF


I want to see D&D players find a way into Mythos. I’m exploring the idea that the Yellow Dawn primary rulebook could act as a bridge between these two genres, with the Dragomir world setting as the structure.

There’s only a handful of pages at the moment, but should be enough to give you a view of where I’m thinking of heading with this. No hard system details yet, just tone of the world and some fleshy chunks of history. I’m currently focused on writing a new novel, Oakfield (pre-Yellow Dawn horror story set in remote town in Cornwall, England). I’ll be updating Dragomir periodically over the next few months. Save this link or check the official Yellow Dawn webpage for details about updates.

Next objectives for me are:

  • Define the system mechanics for races other than human within Yellow Dawn rules
  • List Cthulhu Mythos critters and hot spots of “infestation” and activity within Dragomir and surrounding Shunned Lands.


I’ve created a world map. Thanks to PSD Graphic for the raw file. I’m building this up in layers. At the moment you’ve got the Dominions of Dragomir and a close-in view of Korbel and the 7 Provinces that in contains.

Dragomir - cropped map of human elven and dwarven realms - Dark Fantasy Meets Cthulhu Mythos - a world map source  PSD Graphic

Dragomir – world map (cropped) – Click Full Size

Korbel and Provinces
Dragomir - Dominion of Korbel - Dark Fantasy Meets Cthulhu Mythos - a world map source  PSD Graphic

Dragomir – Dominion of Korbel & provinces – Click Full Size


That’s it. Download the PDF, have a read, feel free to come back with comments.


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2 thoughts on “Dragomir: taking Yellow Dawn into a new Dark Fantasy Future

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for this – I look forwards to reading about the new post-Hastur world.

    Following on from an earlier correspondence about the Yellow Dawn system, I recall mentioning that one way of helping new Keepers into the YD fold would be to align the rules set more closely to CoC/BRP. In this way, a new Keeper can simply read the background and dive straight in with a minimum of rules hassle. Importantly, it would enable YD to more readily join the corpus of BRP supplements and games, and break into communities such as Chaosium, Yog-Sothoth.com, BRP Central, etc.

    My point here is that this new project offers an opportunity to re-align the YD rules set more closely with CoC/BRP. Just a thought…

    (You are probably not short of ‘advice’ from all quarters, so my apologies for butting-in.)


    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Rob. Great comment, thank you! I’m open to any and all advice. Don’t always listen but always consider it. :o) Your point about CoC/BRP does tie into an ongoing discussion I’m having with a publisher who already has a license arrangement with Chaosium. There may be a 3rd edition Yellow Dawn coming out of that discussion – or just a quick, heavily promoted launch of 2.5 via the publisher. Things still up in the air on that one. Meanwhile, enjoy the PDF. If you feel like getting your hands “dirty” with some help on weaving Middle Earth / D&D concepts into the Yellow Dawn universe then give me a shout via email. Would be great to have you on board. Djr

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