Illustration and Printmaking: Daniel Danger – a spotlight into the dark beauty of decay

Daniel Danger

An illustrator and printmaker who works out of the H.P.Lovecraft heartland – New England, USA. His work isn’t necessarily Lovecraftian but he does capture an essence of feeling that comes when you realise time has abandoned a place. This dark with a small “d”.  There’s a sense of fun at work here.  Evocative scenes that inspire rather than bring you down into bleak despair.

Illustration and Printmaking Daniel Danger - a spotlight into the dark beauty of decay - Old New England House Black Dog On Roof

Old New England House – Image: Daniel Danger – All Rights Reserved

From Another Universe: Lord Armstrong’s Banqueting Hall

This image is eerily similar to the how Lord Armstrong’s Banqueting Hall (Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne) would have looked if the roof hadn’t caved in with neglect. A once magnificent building constructed on the edge of a rocky precipice, with guests welcomed above and then taken down through a grand sweeping carved staircase, down through the throat of the cliff to a large space for entertaining royalty, business and government representatives in the 1800s. I placed the building in the corporate thriller – IRON MAN PROJECT – set in the near future, I’ve envisaged the building taken over by a creative co-operative and restored to former glory.

Illustration and Printmaking Daniel Danger - dark beauty of decay - a scene like Lord Armstrong Banqueting Hall Jesmond Dene - used in corporate thriller Iron Man Project by David J Rodger

A scene like Lord Armstrong’s Banqueting Hall – Image: Daniel Danger

Spooky Forest – Jesmond Dene (stone bridge) as Twilight Conjures The Seven Minutes of Magick

Jesmond Dene is a place I know from my childhood, growing up in Newcastle, split between Heaton and Jesmond itself. In daylight it has an ethereal atmosphere where you can imagine the angels smiling as sunbeams lance through the canopy of trees above. But when daylight fades, the mood changes dramatically. This image by Daniel Danger looks like a scene right out of the Dene – one of several horseshoe-shaped stone bridges that cross the river there. I’ve used Jesmond Dene and the forest there in the corporate thriller Iron Man Project; in the children’s spooky short story – Cloudy Head; and in the short story The Grove.

Illustration and Printmaking Daniel Danger - dark beauty of decay - a scene that could be from Lord Armstrong Jesmond Dene stone bridge - spooky forest

Jesmond Dene as Twilight Departs – Daniel Danger: All Rights Reserved

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Iron Man Project a science fiction cyberpunk thriller by David J Rodger

Available in paperback or kindle

Iron Man Project

By David J Rodger


Fast-paced, action-packed novel that spans numerous countries and a fantastic array of skilfully crafted characters.




“The universe Rodger has built is his own and with each book the lore gets richer, deeper and more compelling. The tight cast of characters play off each other well, strong dialogue and surprising twists with the interpersonal dynamics keeps the reader turning the pages”


“Really engaging characters and plenty of pace. ‘Unputdownable’ is such an overused phrase, but this is in that category.”


Jean-Luc Korda, Head of Security for the Carthew Family – a corporate clan that spans the globe in influence and who have a significant presence in Rodger’s universe. Vincent Brent, ex-military gundog now doing grunt work for a European crime-syndicate, and looking for any way out, looking for a better role to play. Karl Grech, war merchant and corporate spy with a secret he’ll kill for to keep silent. Camille Kuehnhert, a woman enslaved by fear of failure and the accoutrements of success, who must face her demons to escape or die trying. And Lucy, a mysterious young woman on the run from her violent past and the catalyst for the collapse of the house of cards this story wraps around.

David J. Rodger is a British author of science fiction dark fantasy with eight novels under his belt. He is also the creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, an RPG that blends Cthulhu Mythos and Cyberpunk themes into a post-apocalyptic setting. His books are often described as intense, character driven, near-future thrillers. Compared to Ian Rankin / Colin Dexter and James Ellroy with a dose of Stephen King darkness, Rodger’s work crosses many boundaries to deliver a new and exciting fusion of ideas and genres. You never quite know what waits around the next corner. All his books are stand-alone but support each other as part of a consistent shared universe allowing you to build a deeper knowledge with every story.

If you enjoy a complex plot that is woven together with the taught, personal motivations of a myriad of stormy characters, then Iron Man Project belongs on your “must read” list.



Available to buy in paperback from LULU Global

Available to buy in paperback from Amazon UK ¦ USA ¦ DE

Available to buy on Kindle UK ¦ USA ¦ DE



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