Personal Blog 7th Jan 2014

¦ dialling in from the Sky Bunker ¦

21:13, drinking ice-cold prosecco from a narrow flute of cut-crystal and listening to a rather lovely mix created by my friend and soul brother HIAB-X, aka Vega$ aka the man covered in mason dust and is therefore dangerous to hug in public due to the vast clouds of the stuff that roll away from him – covering everything.

Here’s the mix:


Just finished a 45 minute slot of writing the new novel (Oakfield / Temple Combe). That’s it. 45 minutes a day. No more obsessive overdose of creativity.  Bliss. Has freed up much time for seeing friends and working on a very new, and unexpected mini-project for Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur RPG (working title YD10K, or Dragomir).

Found myself a new Nyarlathotep image as my Face*f*ook Avatar. Got to love him as a bad ass dude.

Nyarlathotep - The Black Man - Mr X

Nyarlathotep – An Outer God Never Looked So Cool – Artist unknown, advise and I’ll credit

Still recovering from NYE. Post-clubbing blended with cocktail hangover from hell and a mutagenic dose of Man Flu. Yeah, ladies, you may laugh at my suffering but I tell you now that Man Flu does exist. I have evidence: my friend and old man with a beard, Lone Pine…


Picked up a couple of nice comments from folks about my work yesterday. Here’s one, from Cord Frazer who is IMHO a dead-ringer for Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner. And another from the profoundly flattering Chris Sheehy who is a Lieutenant within Greater Boston PD.

Cord Frazer says nice things about Joanne Hall, Gareth L Powell and David J Rodger - first class Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Cord Frazer says…

Chris Sheehy comments on The Social Club a post-apocalyptic thriller by David J Rodger

Chris Sheehy says…



David J Rodger – DATA



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