NYE Bristol, England: Harvey Nichols Cocktails and Alfresco Disco Secret Location

New Year’s Eve 2013

Harvey Nichols Cocktail Bar – The Second Floor.

It’s ticket only. 40 people. 3 barmen. 1 DJ. Couples and small clusters of strangers come together in this wonderful space.  Non-commercial dance tunes are whopping out. Massively funky. Atmosphere sparkles, enhanced by a steady flow of cocktails – people get up out of their silos and start to mingle and dance.  I’m on the Old Fashioned and Rusty Nail.  Massive applause to Neil, Mauro and Kamil – who worked non-stop to keep the drinks flowing and the mood cranked high and happy.  Special nod to Neil though, man of the night, his vision, his idea for the tunes, and the only reason I was there.

During the night, meet another couple. Hello Natalie and her husband Jamie. Delicious twist of serendipity. He’s a DJ with a 4 a.m. set at the secret location of Alfresco Disco. There’s an invite to go with them. Take it…

Alfresco Disco, Bristol – Secret Location: The Guildhall

Glittering disco balls and fancy dress. This was a New Year’s Eve rave with style.  The Alfresco Disco crew have a penchant for the theatrical and this performance did not disappoint.  As before, every detail – from the lineup to the location itself – is kept on the QT until the final hour.  Previous Alfresco Disco parties have taken place in such places as a Jacuzzi-furnished forest, an old courtroom  and a Victorian mansion complete with elderly tenant who didn’t mind the wide-eyed ear-mashing space-out smiling event unfolding all around. Immaculate planning goes into these novel settings, with attention to detail and effort on the trimmings to ensure  starry-eyed wonder in the guests.


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David J Rodger – DATA


2 thoughts on “NYE Bristol, England: Harvey Nichols Cocktails and Alfresco Disco Secret Location

  1. 40:3–an excellent ratio, and a very good selection of bourbons I see from the photos. Must have been quite a party. Happy New Year, David, and keep up the excellent work. Had a bit of a struggle with The Social Club (finding time to read it–not with your writing!) but enjoyed it immensely. Nice expansion of the post-YD world. Hope it’s not the last we see of Purgo.


    • Happy New Year Chris!

      *beams a smile at you*

      Yes, they have a dangerously excellent collection of bourbons and single malts in that bar. The whole night became epic. Random collection of moments that led through the collapsing wave of fun fun fun.

      Really glad you enjoyed The Social Club. I had a lot of fun with Purgo. There are plans, of course depends on whether Purgo lives or dies at the very…very end, eh? (0)(-).

      Hope you managed to find some of the festive spirit tucked away in quiet moments (when you weren’t reading).

      Have a great 2014.


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