Personal blog – last day of 2013

¦ Dialling in from the Sky Bunker ¦

It’s some day in the week. No idea really. Got that weird sense of disorientation when you have x number of days off work and the whole day / week routine goes out the window as Christmas marches by towards the New Year.  So I’m up here in the Sky Bunker, with much to do.  Writing continues to occupy a vast share of my time, I’m looking to balance that a bit more in 2014 although I’m ditching the one month on, one month off routine that I used for most of 2013. The new novel Oakfield (Temple Combe) stalled back at the end of July as I took August off, then September was about final edit and prep of The Social Club, October was just a blur of writing 14 new short stories in 6 weeks and taking part in BristolCon, November was the launch party, Berlin and starting to get my head back into Oakfield – at which point my brain just crashed.

Berlin - Wyndham Grand Hotel - Dark Science Fiction Author David J Rodger working on new novel

Berlin – Wyndham Grand Hotel – Dark Science Fiction Author David J Rodger working on new novel

So Christmas and a house full of friends and family from Spain and London has been a great way to switch-off. There have been epic games of Monopoly (victorious!) and equally fun games of 221b Baker Street (like Cluedo but with more brains). There’s been Norwegian style celebrations, cosy nights in front of a roaring fire – and me out in a gale-force wind chopping wood with my mighty axe!

Warm woollen slippers and feet in front of a roaring wood burning stove - photo by David J Rodger - my feet are in the middle

Cosy night with friends in front of the fire – David J Rodger

There have been long, slow, lazy mornings where everything from the fridge is brought out onto the oak refectory table and people come downstairs, as and when, to nibble, and sit there and chat, supping fresh black coffee or cups of tea.

scandinavian style breakfast in England - cold meats cheeses and fish with spreads photo by David J Rodger

Scandinavian style breakfast in England – David J Rodger

So it’s been time for soul-healing and brain recharging.  Now it’s time to get back into the hard graft. Past couple of days I’ve started going through everything I completed on Oakfield up to July. It’s slow and tough but very much-needed; I am making big bold changes to the pace – adding more grit into the leading character James Spaulding.   Oakfield (Temple Combe) is first and foremost a mystery, set in a remote Cornish town, but ultimately descends into brutal horror – think EDGE, without the snow.

I am also ring-fencing more of my time and creative energy to marketing the eight novels I’ve already written. One of my key targets for 2014 is: Sell More Books, especially after the super positive launch and roaring success of The Social Club where copies literally vanished in a couple blinks of my eyes.  I want more of that feeling.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy the last hours of 2013. Have a fun-filled or introspective evening. Here’s to 2014.



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