Dark Lens photos by Cédric Delsaux – AT AT Walker Looms Into View

Star Wars AT AT walker in a scene that could be Dubai

Star Wars AT-AT Walker looming through mist deser dust over motorway - art by cedric delsaux -That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters

Star Wars AT-AT Walker in a scene that could be Dubai – image by Cedric Delsaux

It could be a fog bound morning on the Birmingham motorway interchange  but this wonderfully evocative interpretations of Star Wars iconography by French photographer Cédric Delsaux really takes me straight to Dubai.  I’ve been there when the horizon vanishes in this kind of dusty haze, large structures gradually emerge as you get near them. Distances are hard to judge. Perspective warps. It is the nature of Dubai.  And knowing their hunger for being big, bold and brave with construction – it wouldn’t be a massive leap of the imagination to see them funneling the slick flow of Russian money that goes through Dubai into science fiction technology.

Delsaux has created a glossy book, Dark Lens, full of images that fuse fact and fiction, fantasy with hyper-realism.


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