Christmas Cardigan in a Swanky Berlin Hotel

No elbow patches!

Berlin - Wyndham Grand Hotel - Dark Science Fiction Author David J Rodger working on new novel

Berlin – Wyndham Grand Hotel – New Novel Rough Notes

I like this photo. Evokes good memories. It was my final night in Berlin (full write-up pending).  I managed to get some brain time during the trip, working on the new novel Oakfield (may change working title to Temple Combe) – Cthulhu Mythos mayhem in a remote Cornish town.  Listening to Arnuad Rebotini – soundtrack to these new memories.  The Wyndham Grand Hotel is a great place to retreat from the big city vibe. They also stock the infallible  Marcus Schnieder Black Print – a heavy red blend that is like sex on the tongue. Not easy to get hold of in England but worth it if you do.

Things have been quiet here in the Sky Bunker since I got back. Marketing for The Social Club and the general Christmas Craziness. But looking forward to climbing fully back into the creative saddle next year. Hope you all have a good one. :o)



Epic few weeks – positive spin for a solitary self-published writer



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