Small Flurry of Fan Feedback on Recent Fury of Short Stories

Sharing the good words

I don’t have a publisher fuelling a marketing machine. There’s just me so I appreciate any and all feedback I get, and equally enjoy sharing it.  Here’s a sample of some “best bits”:

Fan endorsement of The Social Club and Yellow Dawn post-apocalyptic sciecne fiction stories by David J Rodger

Fan feedback review on science fiction dark fantasy short story Hokan by David J Rodger

fan feedback review on dark science fiction cthulhu mythos short story Skim by David J Rodger


Skim, love it, the tech for the Subtak is impressively described and displayed. Got a lovely creep factor from this one!  Fast Love Die, the being reminds me of a Wendigo, a skin walker. As with most of your shorts, it feels like a glimpse into this whole you’ve created. Could be wedged right in to something longer and fit right in. Pulsar, woohoo the Merchants of Oropas again! I really do love this (Cthlhu) mythos you’ve crafted with these two particular stories. Have to be my favorites in the shorts.”



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