Epic few weeks – positive spin for a solitary self-published writer

Black and white photo of girl with Braun Coffee Maker next to stack of the new sci-fi dark fantasy novel by David J Rodger

Launch Party

NEW NOVEL / LAUNCH PARTY: It’s been an incredible few weeks. I completed the final edit of the new novel, The Social Club, made the formal launch announcement and also gained the support and backing of Bristol’s Fantasy & Science Fiction Society. This culminated in the society arranging a launch party for the book. A wonderful day. Great mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Lots of mingling took place. Felt like a proper party. I read from The Social Club, did some Q+A plus selling and signing copies of the book. View full write-up and photos here.

BRISTOLCON:  Also recently took part in this year’s BristolCon – I was on the panel for “Routes to Publication” and again, read from The Social Club. View write-up about event.

SHORT STORIES: {UPDATE August 2014 – these stories are no longer free to download; they will be available in anthology coming 2015}. Had an prolonged period of furious writing after finishing the last book; wrote 14 short stories in 6 weeks.  Means I’m well on my way to having enough to put together a new collection, much like Songs of Spheres which I released in 2012.

INTERVIEWS: I’ve done a couple of interviews. One was by John Houlihan, author of The Trellborg Monstrosities, a fantastic novella for Achtung! Cthulhu – you can read the interview on his website. The other interview was by Toronto based dark fiction writer, Mary Rajotte. Known for her atmospheric and creepy tales that explore myth, dream and nightmare, she very kindly took time out of her hectic schedule to run this with me. Read her interview with me on The Examiner website.

SPOTLIGHTS: On the back of the launch of The Social Club I decided to swing some of the attention I’ve been getting onto my earlier work. Here are 7 spotlights for the previous 7 novels (each is a standalone story occupying a shared universe):

British science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger holding first copy of first edition of new novel The Social Club

Limited First Edition

SIGNED LIMITED FIRST EDITION: I have four copies of the new novel left from a special run I ordered from LULU for the recent events.  You can have one, signed by me and shipped to you anywhere in the world. Learn more…

MERCHANDISE: I’ve had a number of folks ask me about getting their hands on clothing, mugs and bags with the logos used for the mysterious, mind-manipulating The Social Club and the more success focussed Power of Eight Group *Business is Life*.   I’ve set up a small store at Cafe Press where you can acquire a range of high-quality products with this thought-provoking iconography.  Learn more…



So, lots has been going on.  Right now I’m doing a little free-wheeling and enjoying the ride whilst giving my brain a rest, although looking to resume work on Oakfield (Temple Combe)  – a prequel to God Seed – around Christmas.

Do share this with folks if you think it’ll be of interest to them.




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