Post Pic: Berlin – Fernsehturm, TV Tower, In The Rain

Fernsehturm, TV tower, like a golf ball on the end of a knitting needle

Berlin - Fernsehturm - TV tower at night in the rain

Berlin – Fernsehturm – TV tower

This is a view looking back up at where I’d spent the afternoon, winter sunset, before the rain came.

Fernsehturm. The TV tower which looks like a golf ball on the end of knitting needle. Second tallest structure in Europe. Worthwhile doing even though it costs 12 Euros to go up. The views are worth it. And there’s a nice little bar there. Although you can buy drinks and sit on the sloping, curved windowsills with a view of Berlin spreading out 300 metres below you. The globe is only 32 metres in diameter so there’s not a long of room for much else up there. If you like high dinning then consider booking a table at the restaurant.

The bar is tiny. Maybe 8 stools wedged up tight against a narrow serving space; one guy there on his own. But it’s worth hanging around and waiting for the couples to down their drinks and to slide into the seats yourself. Rotate round on the stool and you’re faced with sloping windows sweeping away in either direction with stunning views of the City. Stay there and watch the light fade from the sky and see the Night take reign and see the lights flood through wide and narrow streets. Personal note: when lurking by the bar waiting for a seat don’t stand on the same strip as the stools, wedging yourself against the people sitting there. I had somebody do that to me. I eased round and stared right into her face that was only inches from mine. She didn’t quite seem to know how to react; she didn’t meet my gaze, just stood there for a few more moments – looking past me into the bar- then kind of crumpled and shuffled away. Silly rude person.

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