Arnuad Rebotini: Master of Machine Music Mayhem

When machines learn to dream they will dream the sounds of Arnaud Rebotini

Arnaud Rebotini Someone Gave Me Religion- Electro with tones of the Cthulhu Mythos

Arnaud Rebotini <> Someone Gave Me Religion

This album is not what I expected. My good friend and soul brother Vega$ shared a link to a YouTube clip (Another Time Another Place). What I heard was really slick and sexy electro. It hit me at a good moment as I was deep into a 6 week frenzy of short story writing (14 stories and 40,000 words, pleasing output) that included an emerging focus on simicrants and future technology.

I bought the album solely on the strength of this one track but didn’t unwrap the CD until last week when I went to Berlin. I always stockpile new music and only listen to a new album when something interesting and new is going on: a new travel location, a new story, or even just a new set of chapters in a work-in-progress.  Opening this one up was much like the experience of listening to Daft Punk’s magnum opus Random Access Memories… where the cult-like hit of one track lured thousands of folks through a sparkly gateway of pop into a darker unfamiliar labyrinth, where bright uplifting moments merge into disorienting soundscapes.  Like RAM, Rebotini has embraced vintage electro RETRO with an exquisite talent that sweeps gently or plucks aggressively at your mood chords .  Listen to the overlapping layers that build up in The First Thirteen Minutes of Love or the almost organic wailing that erupts from The Choir of Dead Lovers (a fury of sounds that really is the stuff of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos).

Here’s a mix of  The First Thirteen Minutes of Love on YouTube, it’s not as good as the album version but gives you a flavour:


Here’s where you can buy the album Someone Gave Me Religion by Arnaud Rebotini


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