Merchandise now available for branded concepts from science fiction dark fantasy universe of David J Rodger

Buy into the Power of Eight Group and The Social Club

British Science Fiction Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger has crafted some potent brand concepts within the universe of his hit novels (God Seed, Dante’s Fool, Iron Man Project, Edge, Living in Flames, Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake and  The Social Club ) and his successful role-playing game, Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur.

Fans have asked about where they can buy products that tap into this universe. You can now purchase a number of items from CafePress.  Here is a selection of items that highlight the two designs available:

  • Power of Eight Group: Business is Life (logo design by Ben Chapman, strap by Djr)
  • The Social Club: Dream (logo concept by Floyd Hayes)


Power of Eight Group – Merchandise

Number 8 has potent associations with success. The Power of Eight Group has applied this to their core principle, which is to be successful you need to appear successful.  To attract power you need to project power.  Small steps lead to big changes.  It all starts here.

The Zip Hoody

Zip Hoody Power of Eight

Click to view in store

The Mug

Mug: Power of Eight Group; Business is Life

Click to view in store

Sports Water Bottle

Water Bottle Power of Eight

Click to view in store

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The Social Club – Merchandise

The Social Club are enigmatic organisation affiliated to the Power of Eight Group. One of their beliefs is positive outcome through positive thought, and use a raft of mind manipulation techniques towards this end, these include: subliminal programming through primal icons. Membership of The Social Club is difficult to attain – they approach you – but flying the Monarch Butterfly symbol may lead to  interesting  events unfolding rapidly within in your life.

Tank Top

Tank Top: The Social Club

Click to view in store

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Long sleeve T-shirt - The Social Club

Click to view in store

The Mug

The Mug: The Social Club

Click to view in store

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