Spotlight: Entry level access to the Cyberpunk Cthulhu Mythos mash-up that defines Rodger’s work

Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger Highlights His Seminal First Novel

God Seed a dark science fiction fantasy novel that blends Cyperpunk with Cthulhu Mythos by David J Rodger

Available in paperback or Kindle format

God Seed

By David J Rodger


One man’s epic journey into the heart of a cosmic, alien darkness




“A palpable hit. I read this twice in quick succession, both times getting goosebumps”


“A compact grenade of sharp tech ideas, (in)human fury, revenge, ancient bloodlines and chilling supernatural horror, all set to explode in your mind as it builds to its gruesome climax.”


David J Rodger’s first novel God Seed has since been followed up  by hit after hit (Dante’s Fool; Iron Man Project, Edge, Living in Flames), including a raft of books set in the same world after Yellow Dawn has happened (Dog Eat Dog; The Black Lake; The Social Club). But it’s here, in God Seed, that the foundations for an entire universe were laid down in a book written in 1996.

Adam Kyle, acclaimed documentary film-maker, is in England, embedded within a group of corporate mercenaries.  It’s to be yet another feather in his cap.   But when the operation goes terribly wrong, Kyle finds himself battling for his life, his sanity, and maybe even his very soul as a new and dramatic story unfolds, dragging him across the globe…and beyond.

It isn’t just his documentary that is at stake, but the fate of every living thing in the Universe.

David J. Rodger is a British author of science fiction dark fantasy with eight novels under his belt. He is also the creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, an RPG that blends Cthulhu Mythos and Cyberpunk themes into a post-apocalyptic setting. His books are often described as intense, character driven, near-future thrillers. Compared to Ian Rankin / Colin Dexter and James Ellroy with a dose of Stephen King darkness, Rodger’s work crosses many boundaries to deliver a new and exciting fusion of ideas and genres. You never quite know what waits around the next corner. All his books are stand-alone but support each other as part of a consistent shared universe allowing you to build a deeper knowledge with every story.

God Seed takes you on a gut-wrenching and epic journey that plunges deep into the crawling chaos of the Cthulhu Mythos.  Even if you don’t know what the Cthulhu (quote – how do you say that word?) Mythos is; if you enjoy the idea of a sinister, unconventional horror that slithers blindly against the membranous boundary of our reality, and a novel laced with fast and brutal action, then God Seed is going to leave an indelible thumbprint on your brain.



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