Spotlight: EDGE has the shock factor of blood on snow

Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger Highlights His Fourth Novel

Best thriller in science fiction dark fantasy category - EDGE by David J Rodger

Available in paperback or Kindle format


By David J Rodger


New technology, corporate espionage and a seething abomination from beyond the Outer Chaos




“Atmospheric and Creepy” – The Guardian on The Black Lake


“…the best Sci-Fi horror I’ve read in ten years”  – Floyd Hayes, Creative Director of World’s Fastest Agency on Dog Eat Dog


David J Rodger is back with another punchy thriller – EDGE – following on the back of the widely successful Dante’s Fool; Iron Man Project and God Seed.  All four books are separate and unrelated stories that occupy a single shared universe.

Ethan Carmichael is a global superstar in the world of tech. His revolutionary developments push the boundaries of electronics and science.

But close to total burn out he presses eject on the stress to take time out. A luxury snowboarding resort in New Zealand seems like the perfect place.

A shame the  volcanic mountain is a gateway to something that lurks on the threshold of human awareness, a cosmic entity from beyond the stars, bringing with it an insidious madness that is a precursor to carnage. The Maori spoke of it only in nightmares.  Now it is coming back through, into our world.

This is a fantastic extension of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

David J. Rodger is a British author of science fiction dark fantasy with eight novels under his belt. He is also the creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, an RPG that blends Cthulhu Mythos and Cyberpunk themes into a post-apocalyptic setting. His books are often described as intense, character driven, near-future thrillers. Compared to Ian Rankin / Colin Dexter and James Ellroy with a dose of Stephen King darkness, Rodger’s work crosses many boundaries to deliver a new and exciting fusion of ideas and genres. You never quite know what waits around the next corner. All his books are stand-alone but support each other as part of a consistent shared universe allowing you to build a deeper knowledge with every story.

EDGE skilfully pulls you into the immersive world of the Zen Dow resort.  Yet the story also  glances over to the other side of the world, where Halo Santana, an unscrupulous concept scout scrambles onto the trail of a new technology that has vanished from a corporate lab. Quickly out of his depth, he enters a frantic race to track down the missing components before his buyers have him killed.  Both men find their fates tangled in a deadly web.

This is a novel with relentless narrative pace and brutal action.



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