Cyberpunk today: my favourite text message of the 21st Century

Beep Beep

I was sitting in a meeting with a techno geek and a suit yesterday, two guys representing a company that’s launched with £15M investment from a VC fund. The stuff they were showing me: behavioral mapping of users in order to deliver better content and commercial offerings, tailored to their interests.  I tell them that they’re delivering a service similar to what William  Gibson was writing about with SlitScan in Virtual Light. Very Cyber. Then I get a random text message on my phone from my friend Dan B. This is what I read:

“Sat outside Club 11 in the warm polluted air of Hong Kong with a cigarette and a cold beer. A poster on the wall tells me Pete Murphy is playing his first gig in ten years playing only Bauhaus material.


I feel home again.”


Very cool. Loved it. I wrote back that this is my favourite text message of the 21st Century.  He replied:

“I got tickets. He plays Thursday night at KITEC in Kowloon. Want to come?”


I am so tempted, I’d love to book a last-minute flight out there and enjoy the buzz of the City and the archaic music, but right now I’m in the middle of a book launch for The Social Club and have a shed load of stuff going on for the next few weeks.

Another time.

You can read more about Dan B here:

Cyberpunk Culture today – Dan B does the Lex Landro thing


Credit: featured hero image “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Lizbetha.



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