Dog Eat Dog: feedback on the first of the post-apocalyptic “Yellow Dawn” novels


Dog Eat Dog - a post-apocalyptic thriller with zombies and cthulhu mythos

A novel

In my opinion, an exceptionally well written page-turner. Packed with action that I found compelling in its attention to detail and pace, and horror scenes that had my heart pounding, the post-apocalyptic future is immersive and dystopian. If zombies are the plat du jour at the moment then Rodger is the Michelin Star chef!  –




I always capture feedback. Positive (to promote my work) and negative (to fix where I may have gone wrong). This is a review of the novel Dog Eat Dog. It’s my fifth novel, but the first to be placed in the post-apocalyptic twist on my shared universe – set ten years after the Earth is trashed by a catastrophic event called “Yellow Dawn”.  Dog Eat Dog did phenomenally well, generated  a lot of great reviews and has been followed by the greatly enjoyed and eerily haunting tale of The Black Lake.  Incidentally, this month sees the release of  The Social Club.  All three books are separate and unrelated stories that occupy the shared universe of Yellow Dawn.

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