Sherlock Holmes snapped posing with his own likeness

221b Baker Street – The Board Game

221b Baker Street the game and the reality - Sherlock Holmes seen posing with his own likeness

Holmes! Photo: David J Rodger

If you’ve never played this game I can’t recommend it enough. It’s like Cluedo with a little bit more puzzle to the crime. Excellent value for money as you get a stack of cases with the basic set.

The photo is of my good friend Mr Knox, aka Holmes – due to his capricious intellect that flits from subject to subject with a voracious ability to absorb knowledge.  I met up with him one evening at our favourite drinking haunt, The Raven in Bath, and brought along the game – to be astonished at his likeness with the character of Sherlock Holmes on the box lid.

Amazon link for 221b Baker Street by Gibson Games:


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