Photography by Danielle Tunstall: Perfection of the Flesh in a Synthetic World

Model Simicrant

The model simicrant - photography by  Danielle Tunstall

The Model Simicrant – Image Danielle Tunstall – All Rights Reserved

Another stellar image by Danielle Tunstall. Out on the distant rim of the Solar System the Nergui platform drifts tethered to the First Arterial – an anomaly first discovered by the Borgendrill Corporation and now heavily used by the autonomous machine colonies sent out by Borgendrill to further expand their reach within Deep Space. Humanity has grabbed onto the slipstream of this machine-led plunge. And the further humans travel, the more flesh and organic mechanisms they ditch in favour of synthetic alternatives and many go for the full conversion route – becoming simicrants. Unlike full-cyborg chassis (think Terminator) they are less prone to cyber-pyschosis due to the elegant frames and advanced sensory systems that facilitate a human mind’s full, visceral and meaningful connection to the outside world through biosyn, chemosyn and neurosyn networks built into the fabric of the frame. Rather than existing as a brain locked in a metal box isolated from vital sensory experience and living off a crude digitised imitation, simicrants enjoy a vibrant connection to physical and even ethereal reality.

Simicrant frames rarely utilise armour plating and do not use titanium alloy (adamantanium) for the core structure; typically simicrant frames are titanium-foam over a carbonised-steel frame, wrapped in layers of electric muscle fibre (synmov).   Unlike the high-fashion insect-carapace mouldings that are the hallmark of Hitochi Karawaki, this model of simicrant is more like the air-brushed flesh creations of Clifton Jorgenson within the Fujutsan-Brokkel Labs.

The desire for aesthetics and beauty still exists. Human minds do not shed their born-bred instincts and nurturing.  What Danielle Tunstall has done is capture one aspect of that yearning for human perfection within a synthetic vehicle for existence. Congrats to Danielle who suffered a 3 year journey at 1G acceleration just to reach Nergui.

If you would like to know more about Simicrants then you might enjoy the short story Kalinka.


About the Artist

Danielle Tunstall has a vast repository of images she’s created and showcasing on her website, definitely worth a look if you’re into the darker side of Cyberpunk.


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