Look Who’s Coming To The Launch Party: New York Founder of the “Real” Social Club

Update for Launch Party of Science Fiction Thriller “The Social Club”

Some good news. Floyd Hayes, the man behind the “real” Social Club will be flying over from New York to England for the launch party of my new novel. His is an interesting story.  Creative Director of the voraciously successful “World’s Fastest Agency” and  former Creative Director of Cunning, the world’s first specialized guerilla and non-traditional advertising agency, he began his career shivering on Westminster Bridge London enjoying what would be called “The Stunt of the century” by the BBC.

BBC called this stunt of the century - Floyd Hayes at work in London GUERRILLA FHM Projection

Floyd Hayes at work in London

Floyd Hayes, former Brit now making it good in the Big Apple, asked if he could use the idea of the Power of Eight Group as the basis for something he was working on: much less sinister, far more philanthropic.  I said yes.  And so The Social Club was born.  I was so impressed I decided to backwash the reality of his creation into my fiction. Hence the name of the book. So it’s very flattering and great news that Floyd is coming all this way for the launch. No doubt lured by the prospect of an English pint or three.

Launch party for new novel by David J Rodger is on 23rd November 2013 in Bristol England

Coming? Click me.

If you’re going to be in Bristol (UK) on 23rd November, then come along to the launch party @ 2pm.

See the invite on Facebook:




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