Photo: The Fate of Gromit – A Sunday Morning Out

Gromit and Friend – Feeder Road, Bristol

The fate of Gromit - Feeder Road Bristol

Gromit and Friend

November 2013. Sunday and a beautiful morning. Had plans to meet up with a mate who was in the city overnight. Walked 5 miles from the house down into the city and up Park Street. Passed these chaps on the way. Great to see a Gromit again especially after all the wonderful fuss that was made about them this summer; in fact, Gromit is a hallmark of the fantastic summer of 2013.

Caught up with Chris Halliday at the Boston Tea Party, sitting there like days from a previous iteration of our lives. Brainstormed the plots for the five new “Magus” (working title only) novels and discussed the best mechanics for me to use when it comes to writing “Shadows of the Quantinex” the epic, globe-spanning – and beyond – campaign that describes what caused Yellow Dawn to happen. At which point excessive amounts of alcohol and lack of sleep caught up with his neural cortex, great shadows appeared beneath his eyes and I walked him part of the way back towards Temple Meads train station as his higher-brain functions shut down. Always good to spend time with the chap before total collapse :o)


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