Thermonuclear Jell-O Pop: a free sci-fi fantasy short story

British Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger is giving away copy of new short story

THERMONUCLEAR JELL-O POP: “Not all mysteries of the Universe are there to be discovered – some are to be avoided at all costs.”

I finished this one last week. The idea came about whilst I was making fixes to Joseph Flavell <> Carbon Copy, sitting in the Boston Tea Party cafe  I ended up having a morning chat with Nick Wragg – aka my Samoan Attorney. He had this dream the night before which led him to have this neat idea for a story – which he called nanopops. He didn’t have an end as such. But the words he spoke gave me such intense visuals I just had to write the damn thing down. He gave me full rights to use the story idea, which is nice.  I’ve credited him in the MS..


View the PDF of the story FREE here: Thermonuclear Jell-O Pop.


Thermonuclear Jell-O Pop The_Doom_Ship_a_science_fiction_fantasy_short_story_by_British_author_David_J_Rodger

Click to download free PDF




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