SNIP: Creative Bubble – Day 7 of 9


Taking it easy today. Went to a gig last night, saw Gary Numan – Splinter tour. Back late. Up late. Drifted around town this morning but the weather was too yuk to make going for any kind of hike worthwhile. Sat in a couple of cafes and – bang – an idea for a new set of novels crashed into my head. Spent 2 hours scribbling notes by hand in my Santiago notebook. The idea hangs off the short story Hokan and ties together Jean-Luc Korda (main character in Iron Man Project with cameo roles in EDGE and Living in Flames) and DS Louis Cloud and Natalya Dorganskya (Dante’s Fool) with a new chunky thread.  The idea (haven’t got a working title yet) also allows me to introduce the notion of Schools of Elemental Magick beginning to appear just before the cataclysmic event known as Yellow Dawn occurs – helping to explain why magic starts to become more prevalent on Earth a decade later.  Good stuff. Now back in the Sky Bunker playing with my backlog of photos before I spend some of the afternoon listening to Wayne June narrate the rest of At The Mountains of Madness.




4 thoughts on “SNIP: Creative Bubble – Day 7 of 9

    • :o) Thanks Chris. Hopefully I can clear down the current projects and get to it sooner than later. Does mean I have some fun brainstorming ahead of me – love those periods sitting in a cafe with a notebook going…Hmmmmmmm.

  1. I trust we’ll get to see JLK operational and not just sitting behind a desk pulling strings…? Not to mention Cloud’s mysterious (AI ?) benefactor?

    • JLK… maybe. Certainly being the hub of various activities. A new team for him . As for Cloud this story will be skipping ahead two as yet unwritten novels for him (Host System Down) and (Demona).

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