SNIP: Creative Bubble – Day 5 of 9


A quick day yesterday. Started work on Kalinka, idea for a novel, which has been sitting as a bunch of hand-written notes torn out of my Santiago notepad since last year, but I’ve decided to condense down into a short story as I think it fits neatly into the flavour of the raft of 13 shorts I’ve written in the last 6 weeks.  Yesterday was about warping and hammering the original idea down and getting it to fit the new shape – rather than a bunch of pure human characters on a pre-Yellow Dawn Earth, they’re now misocrants, people who have migrated out of their flesh bodies into something else – existing on the rim of Deep Space.  So I’m exploring the nature of the soul, or Ku, as I started to flesh out in the recent short, Hokan, and building up a new extension to my shared universe – pre-Yellow Dawn (Cyberpunk Cthulhu Mythos), post-Yellow Dawn (post-apocalyptic survival horror and action adventure), and now these stories set around or beyond the First Arterial.   My plan is to finish Kalkina either today or certainly no later than tomorrow.


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