SNIP: Creative Bubble – Day 4 of 9


Ridiculous. 2 A.M. False Start to the Day

So I really hammered it yesterday. Full on Da Vinci method sleeping 15 minutes every hour – with two finished short stories as a result (Jentog Ma’nes and Tribesecha). Vodka kicked my brain blissfully out of gear so I could enjoy a lazy evening in front of the TV. Bed at a reasonable hour. And then PING.
Hey – I’m AWAKE.
I’m used to this. It’s one massive plus from using polyphasic sleep during the day. I decide to lie there allowing the thoughts to flutter in. Man alive, a storm hits me. I’ve got a novel idea called Kalinko that I’ve been wanting to write since last year, but I’ve been stacked up with The Black Lake and The Social Club, and more recently with Oakfield (in progress) and Sunder Gloom (barely started). The Kalinko idea. It’s really taking shape so I’m thinking I might try and use a couple days from this week to nail it down as a short? Can I do that? Be that brutal and blunt. See how I feel later. Because I came up here into the Sky Bunker in the dark, like I do, unsure what time it is, thinking maybe 4 or 5 o’clock. I’ve fleshed some ideas on a notepad but now I’m going back to bed. 2 o’clock. Come on! Give me a break. :o)


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