Joseph Flavell ∞ Carbon Copy: a Free Short Story

British Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger is giving away copy of new short story

JOSEPH FLAVELL ∞ CARBON COPY: “The spark of life is a tenacious thing but must always be treated with respect.”

This is my re-imagining of two classic tales of terror by two authors. You’ll no doubt quickly guess which – I do actually reference them directly in the narrative – but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this version I’ve produced which brings the idea deep into the canon of my work.  It also brushes up against the base of the novel: Living in Flames – and some of the aftermath of that calamity that took place in Bristol.


View the PDF of the story FREE here: Joseph Flavell ∞ Carbon Copy.


Joseph Flavell - Carbon Copy - a_science_fiction_cthulhu_mythos_short_story_by_British_author_David_J_Rodger

Click to download free PDF





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