SNIP: Creative Bubble – Day 3 of 9


I’ve taken a week off work to write. 9 days with the weekends either side. Amazing feeling of freedom. A glimpse of the way things were back when I was 26 and took off 5 months to write God Seed.  Day 1, Saturday, was a mellow start.  Did nothing but drink coffee, read and walk around the harbour. Then settled down with a bottle of vino and Salem’s Lot for 3 hours whilst the rain pounded the windows and the wind howled around the house. Perfect way to spend a Saturday I reckon.  Day 2, Sunday, early morning walk around the harbour to make the most of the sun before the rain came back with a fury. Spent the rest of the day up here in the Sky Bunker working on a new  short story: Jentog Ma’nes.  Aiming to finish it today.  That makes 12 in 5 weeks.  Not bad.  I’ve got a few stacking up that I’ve yet to put out so watch this space.


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