SNIP: Checking-In


I received an email from a fan yesterday, checking to see if I was ok – concerned that I hadn’t been posting on my blog.  It was a nice feeling to get such a note. I told him I was just lying low, dancing with exhaustion. This is supposed to be a “no-writing” month. Instead I’ve managed to write 11 short stories in five weeks.   Some I’ve not put out there yet, so watch this space as I post them.  Last weekend was pretty special. BristolCon took place, organised by the Bristol Fantasy and Science Fiction Society – same folks who are organising the launch party for my next novel “The Social Club” due out in November  (press release here).   BristolCon was good. I participated in a panel and did a reading from The Social Club. Met some really interesting people too. Will write-up a piece about that next week.  Got some outstandingly positive feedback for The Social Club from a chap who bought an advance copy – again, more about that next week. And feedback on the short stories continues to filter in. All good.


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