New Gary Numan Album – Splinter: Blows The Doors Off the Cryopods

Splinter – Songs from a Broken Mind

Electronica Legend Gary Numan new album Splinter

Gary Numan – Splinter

I am very, very happy.  I’m deep into a creative groove, eight short stories in the last four weeks whilst I take a break from the new novel and running PR for the one that’s coming out in November (The Social Club). A little tired maybe. A little numb in the mind.  So I dig out the new album from electronica legend Gary Numan – Splinter – to inject some fresh fluid into the bruised tissue of my brain.  Digital gods grab hold of me and whirl me away.  Soul wailing, high-shrill cries and nerve tingling sirens of wonderful electronic sounds. It mashes together in a fusion of creative brilliance.  Loving this one.  His last album Dead Son Rising was an iconic soundtrack to the end of 2011. I’m expecting this to become equally important to my writing.  Thank you once again, Mr Numan. Ever since you warped my brain in 1979 with your lyrics of a shocked and dystopian future I’ve been riding the waves of your sounds.

The Calling – Track from Splinter Album


Splinter Tour 2013

Booking details here:

Gary Numan at Bristol Academy November 7th Splinter Tour

The Man is touring and I’ll be there


Buy the Album

Grab Splinter from Amazon UK here:



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7 thoughts on “New Gary Numan Album – Splinter: Blows The Doors Off the Cryopods

    • Echo & The Bunnymen – sounds from my teenage years. Halcyon days. I’ll check out tickets – and maybe book a night crashing at my sister’ pad. :o) Great to know you’re also a Numan fan. James Ellroy. Lovecraft and dark electronica. You have excellent taste!

      • Regarding E&Bmen, they’ll probably never reach the heights of “Killing Moon” again and Mac’s voice is shot to hell (presumably from the cigs & whiskey-from the sound of it) but I’ve seen them the last few times they toured America and it was well worth it. Boston has always been big for them, radio & club-wise, so they always get a good turn out.

      • Yeah I imagine that is what everyone remembers them for – probably reinforced when Donnie Darko used it during the opening scene. Great that they’re still gigging tho. All artists need to feel the love. Were you ever into Killing Joke?

  1. Killing Joke? Follow The Leaders? Fire Dances? Love Like Blood? Termite Mound? Yeah, they are one of my all-time faves. Lost track of them after the Extremities album.

    • Love like Blood just did something to me. Everytime I heard it, back in the 80s, early teens – just got into my DNA and made a little twist. Great tune. I didn’t follow them up after that but “Hosannas from the Basements of Hell” re-introduced me to their much angrier sound. Good music to write bad things to.

  2. “Good music to write bad things to.”
    Spot on.
    Hope the rest of your hiatus month goes well. Then be sure to put the Killing Joke in heavy rotation.


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