Stonemasons sculpture of Prometheus head – better than the movie – by HIAB-X

Sculpture by HIAB-X: Ampule Chamber Head

Stone masons sculpture of Prometheus head - better than the movie - by HIAB-X

Prometheus Sculpture by HIAB-X

Prometheus. Really? What can I say.  I could rant. One of Ridley Scott’s finest moments of cinematography, vision and direction – then pummelled, shredded, over-washed and basically smeared in faeces by some other folks.  A shocking disappointment, and yet a $400M hit. So who am I to criticise?  Just… good luck to Guillermo del Toro with his fight to make “At The Mountains of Madness” the way it SHOULD be made.

Like myself, Mathias Nathan Plunkett had held exorbitant quantities of excitement in his belly. Like myself, he felt  great anticipation about a return to a much-loved ALIEN franchise.  Unlike myself, Matthias has the ability to craft physical objects with his raw talent and hands combined. A stone mason who specialises in restoration and preservation, the man created this sculpture of the tantalizingly enigmatic (at the time) head that was appearing as part of the movie PR machine. Matthias – aka HIAB-X – found the subject matter blending with his own Dreamtime visuals. The man is a profound lucid dreamer and traveller of the ethereal shores. He actually inspired a short story out of me last week, aptly called HIAB_X.  Download the story here.

Despite glum feelings towards the movie, the sculptured head remains in view within his sanctuary, his private lab, tucked away amongst trees beside a bubbling brook. He takes commissions for custom sculpture work.  Use my contact form to get in touch and I’ll send you his details.  Or find him on the Book of Faces:


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