Post Pic: Subway Branding used on Zombie T-Shirt

Why Eat Fresh when you can Eat Flesh!!!

Subway brand used in Zombie T-shirt Eat Fresh becomes Eat Flesh - Photo by David J Rodger

Subway Branding Flesh Taste – Photo By David J Rodger

This is one of the web developers I use on a regular freelance basis at work. I make sure he has the gun with him at all times in case other project managers try to carouse him onto their schedule. Go away. He’s mine.

I should state I love Subway products. Use them as a quick snack all the time. Sadly, probably the only time I get to eat anything fresh and green!

If you like Zombies / Infected in a post-apocalyptic universe, particularly a universe that’s been ravaged by a Great Old One from the Cthulhu Mythos, then you might enjoy the novel “Dog Eat Dog“, or the RPG “Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur in which it is set.


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