HIAB_X: a free Science Fiction Fantasy Short Story (500 words)

British Science Fiction Author David J Rodger is giving away copy of new short story

HIAB_X: The traveller suffers in the tangled fabric of alien space

Head In A Box - HIAB_X - image is Broken_android_head_by_holaso Deviant Art - All Rights Reserved

Broken Android by Holaso – click to view artist’s profile on DeviantArt

Quite random, this is a very short piece that sprang into life last week.  I woke up very early in the morning with an image of one of my best friends in my skull, a scene that wouldn’t go away. So I sat down later and just rattled this one off. Started with the initial image and just let it flow. Had no idea where I was going with it until it was nearly done. Pretty pleased. Hoping to commission an artist to do an oil-painting that conjures the main theme.

500  words.

View the PDF of the story FREE here: HIAB_X.



Click to download PDF


Credit:  Broken Android Head by Holaso (DeviantArt) All Rights Reserved.




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