First Copy of First Edition: The Social Club – an Orwellian Detective Story Within a Damaged Universe

British science fiction author David J Rodger holds first copy of the first edition of his new novel

British science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger holding first copy of first edition of new novel The Social Club

Very happy with it.



If you’ve been following my blog – work in progress – you’ll know I finished the first draft of The Social Club at the start of June.  I’ve now completed proofing and the final edit, so this is my first copy to come from LULU.  I’ve made a few changes since getting it: my name in orange rather than white with black stroke; a larger monarch butterfly logo and slightly repositioned; plus some tabbing issues that needed fixing in the MS. It makes the copy I’m holding here a rather unique (and collectible?) item.

The Social Club is my 8th novel, and the third to be set within the post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn (sitting alongside “Dog Eat Dog” and “The Black Lake”).

Blurb: The Earth has suffered a cataclysmic event. London survives, but only just, through the authority of the Group that took control nearly ten years ago. When the naked body of a man washes up on the banks of the Thames, the regime in charge tries to dismiss the death as another suicide. Senior Verifier Jadon Purgo has other ideas and as he digs through layers of deceit a gruesome truth begins to emerge…

You can read the first chapter here.


It’s quite easy really. It’ll be a lucky dip that I run at the end of November 2013. All you have to do is let me know you’d like a chance to win and I’ll drop your name into the proverbial hat. Simple as that.

How to let me know:

  • Leave a note in the comments section below.
  • Use my Get In Touch form (via wordpress)
  • Send me a Tweet
  • Go to my book of faces,”like” it and say something on my wall.

I’ll post a few more reminders between now and the end of November.


See recent press release about positive reviews – click

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9 thoughts on “First Copy of First Edition: The Social Club – an Orwellian Detective Story Within a Damaged Universe

  1. Let’s see…
    David J. Rodger? Check
    First Edition? Check.
    Large Monarch Butterfly Logo? Check
    Set After Yellow Dawn? Check.
    Possibility of Author Signing? Check

    Do. Want.

    When does it hit the KIndle, David?


    • Hi Chris *grins* I always enjoy your comments here and on Facebook. Official launch is in November and that will include Kindle. So, happy days. Looking forward to you getting your eyeballs on it. Ex-security manager playing detective in London. I’ll put your name into the hat for the First Edition giveaway. Best. David

      • Speaking of ex-security managers, just curious if we’ll ever see Jean Luc Korda again? Or at least a passing reference that he survived Yellow Dawn?

      • One of my favourite characters. Jean-Luc is a fab character. He does survive – as he and his principle, Xici Carthew are able to evacuate to orbit as soon as the brown (yellow) stuff hits the fan on Earth. Jean-Luc is the main driver for the story “Shadows of the Quantinex”. You can’t read the story because it’s a campaign book for Yellow Dawn (unless you play role-playing games). But I am intending to make Shadows a set of novels (sometime in 2016 onwards). He has a very brief cameo appearance in Living in Flames. My view is that the things he experiences through EDGE and Living in Flames gives him a taste for The Mythos (fighting against it) and so perhaps the Iron Man Project concept becomes something like a vanguard against mad cultists and the like. All food for thought at the moment.

  2. YES! Reading Living in Flames this week. Tough Guy: “French…ex-cop…” Who else could it be but JLK?
    Like your ideas re:Quantinex. Very much.


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