SNIP: Tuesday morning


First mug of the tea of the day. There’s not much of the month left and I’m due to have a no-writing period next month, so figured I’d switch to some quick wins rather than unpacking Oakfield just for a few days. I put Oakfield away at the end of July and I’m happy to leave it on ice until November, when my next full writing month swings round. August N-W-M and September so far has been dominated by the final edit of The Social Club and getting it to the point where it was ready for publication (expecting a proof copy sometime next week). So last night I started on Particle Storm, a short story idea that I actually wrote down back in 2003. I’ve also got a folder of ideas I came up with in 3 days, back in 2002, sitting on a stool in the fantastic, magical, inspirational Bainbridge Island Coffee Company (Seattle) so if I can start tackling some of those too in the next couple of days I’ll be massively pleased. Have a great day everyone. Djr


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