Miskatonic Martini and other Cocktails from the Cthulhu Mythos

Drinking with the Devil is nothing compared to these libations of the Outer Chaos

Cocktails from the Cthulhu Mythos - Nyarlathotep - The Rats in the Wallbanger - Miskatonic Martini

Dan Dixon clutching a Miskatonic Martini – Photo: Hagen Landsem

So it was Saturday night and the evening following a whole day of gaming (Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur). My brain was like Swiss Cheese from running a narrative thread on the fly whilst engaging four player characters and multiple NPCs in a post-apocalyptic adventure that’s been going on for a few months now.  The players were equally shattered, enduring the anxiety and stress of survival and coping with the death of an entire settlement in the wake of a Storm Curtain.

Dan Dixon, whose job involves game design and game theory, is emigrating back to New Zealand. So this was his final hurrah! before departure. In typical Dan Dixon fashion he didn’t do half measures.  We arrived after the game to find he’d transformed the large downstairs room of his house into a bar, complete with a long trestle table loaded with several dozen bottles of hard liquor, much absinthe, various mixers, fruit and bags of ice. He’d even gone to the trouble of creating a menu. Dan stood there, in a smart black shirt,  smart trousers and with his facial hair groomed into twirly moustache and devil’s beard.  We were the first to arrive and he smiled like a demon in human-guise as we shuffled in, ooing and ah’ing at the transformation. He was the barman in the movie, The Shining. He was the Black Man of New England witch covens and the swarthy Egyptian who caused so much torment in Ancient Times.

He spent the evening mixing, shaking, grating, grinning and serving drinks with gusto and charm.  Each of these creations is delicious and bizarre.  Strange flavours that ought not to work but do. The gory appearance of the Miskatonic Martini that looked like shredded flesh in a glass of blood.

Cocktails from the Cthulhu Mythos - Nyarlathotep - The Rats in the Wallbanger - Miskatonic Martini

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If you like your drinks with a twist of the surreal and a hint of cosmic horror, then grab this PDF and invite your friends around to batter their COOL with Anxiety Rolls.


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