Castle: A Game of Strategy, Persistence & Nerve By David J Rodger

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9 of Wands

Courage & Perseverance -or unable to cope

It is a time of great unrest. Spies and assassins roam the lands looking to carry out their masters’ commands. Small and large armies clash outside defensive walls or mass on the battlefields. The Royal Families are warring for ultimate control. Anybody with the remotest claim against their authority must be wiped out. But the Royal Bloodlines are a tangled mess and not everybody will fight, and not everybody will love their brother. A dangerous time. A time for the brave to take and the weak to fall.

Hi folks, this is a bit of pleasant distraction from editing the new novel. I had this idea one morning last week, scribbled it down and it didn’t go away. Had a wee play test with some of the Yellow Dawn RPG folks on Saturday and it went down very well. So grab the PDF, a pack of playing cards and two six-sided dice and have bash at it.

Castle - A Game of Strategy Persistence and Nerve using 52 playing cards and 2 dice by David J Rodger

Click to download free PDF


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