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“An alien artifact, a library of all human endeavor, fractured time shifts, secret agents, saboteurs, an attack of zombies and something more dangerously reptilian… ARTIFACT is an audacious adventure through inner and outer space”


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Artifact by Shane Lindemoen

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About Shane Lindemoen

Shane Lindemoen, 29, is a part-time writer and blogger from Minnesota. Author of the science fiction novel Artifact (Boxfire Press), Lindemoen’s first published work, a disquieting scrutiny of the idea consequence as a force of nature, entitled Mount Airy, appeared on the web in 2005 for the annual Lorian Hemingway short-story competition. Shane worked for many years as a private investigator, writing in his spare time and publishing a number of other short stories, including his Glimmer Train nomination, Lucretius, in 2007. A former resident of St. Paul’s infamous East Side, Lindemoen currently roosts somewhere in Minnesota, and admits to spending entirely too much of his off-time in front of word-processor, trying to transform his dreams into currency. He can usually be found in two places:, and

About the novel ARTIFACT

In the future, an operational mining detachment will discover an alien device beneath the surface of Mars. When scientists gather to examine the find, Lance Kattar, one of the most respected particle physicists in his field, decides not to pass an opportunity to take part in what many of his contemporaries believe to be the most important discovery in history – a device containing nanotech far beyond human capabilities, left behind by an ancient alien civilization, long since extinct. The moment Lance interacts with this device, however, he triggers a series of cataclysmic events that threaten the very fabric of existence. Aided by an anthropologist from SETI, an orphaned young girl, and a high-school biology teacher, Lance embarks on an odyssey of revelation and self-discovery, as he finds himself racing to unravel the mystery of the ancient artifact from Mars, before it collapses into a singularity of world-ending possibilities.




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