Calling all writers and creatives – need music to feed the muse? Free MP3 download – Ambient electronica via ASIP

Ambient & Chilled Electronica Mix, Free to Download from ASIP

ASIP – Fragments from the horizon Ambient & Chilled, Electronica, Free Download, Mixes

ASIP – Fragments from the horizon

If you’re a creative who feeds off music for inspiration and stimulating backdrop for subconscious processes then you’ll probably encounter those glum moments when you just can’t find anything new that suits the mood. Ryan Griffin, the chap behind the magical mixes that pour out of the ASIP portal, has crafted many many epic soundscapes over recent years – and a significant number of these have become the foundations for solid memories: either for my travels or novel writing.


Here’s his latest offering and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I grind cognitive gears through the final edit of The Social Club (due for launch in November) and work on Oakfield.


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DOG EAT DOG: an epic crime-thriller set in the post-apocalyptic remains of Europe and America

Dog Eat Dog - science fiction post apocalyptic horror novel by British author David J Rodger

Available in Paperback or Kindle

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Ten years after the Earth has been devastated by a viral pathogen seventy per cent of the population is dead and only a handful of cities survive intact. The majority of urban spaces have been abandoned to the Infected. Whilst above, the orbital colonies spin within their artificial gravity wells, helpless observers to the shocking events below. Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira. Two survivors, both hungry for money and power, and fuelled by a desire to carve their names onto this new world. One provides services of violence and protection for powerful corporate criminals in the Living City of New York; the other is a renegade intelligence agent forever running from the demons of his past. Strangers, until events bring them face to face in a bloody confrontation. Complex politics, private armies, corruption and murder on a shocking scale. Both men seek to seize their opportunity at whatever cost. But a cosmic Evil has infiltrated the remote corners of these brutalised lands and it has its own plans for this world. Will these men work as one to defeat it or will their bitter rivalry bring about their destruction? In the end, who will devour who? David J Rodger delivers a novel of epic vision, character depth and nerve-popping tension.


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David J Rodger – DATA



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