Personal blog: 1st September 2013 – Breakfast Club, Writing Month

¦ dialing in from the Sky Bunker ¦

Soft sunlight sloping in through the glass canopy behind me. Back in the Sky Bunker, 14:15 hrs, I just got back from my once-a-month Breakfast Club. A thing I arrange at a city centre cafe for the first Sunday of the month. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with folks.  My chance to say fond farewell to Dan Dixon who is heading back to New Zealand, wife and son in tow. He handed over an entirely unused copy of Warrior Knights (1986) as a belated birthday present. I was almost speechless. Fantastic.

The whole one month off, one month on writing rubric has been a stroke of genius for this year. August was an epic period of socialising. Friends from Spain and others from Newcastle staying for prolonged periods of time. Nights out. Nights in. Some fabulous restaurants and nights of drinking cocktails.  Gromit hunters and rendezvous in quaint English pubs. A chance for me to shrug free from responsibility and enjoy life for a few weeks in succession.

HIAB-X and Sharky Bones McCoy - England 2013 Photo by David J Rodger

Dontcha hate it when friends turn into zombies

HIAB-X and Sharky Bones McCoy are two of my closest friends. We’d arranged to meet at The Raven pub in Bath. Matthias (HIAB) walked in muttering a complaint about some old granny biting his hand. A few moments later he went through a shock transformation as the Infection took violent hold of his mind.  Yellow Dawn had reached Bath. Talk about spoiling a good pint!


So now I’m settling in for another month of indulgence. After a month off writing I’m back into the saddle for September.  Not jumping back into Oakfield, the novel I was deep into back in July, as yesterday saw my editor and I sitting in the Mud Dock cafe, completing the first full read-through of The Social Club. Scored a few tears from her when she got the sucker-punch that happens near the end. And got a big nod of approval for the final scene.  It’s going to be a killer of a book when it’s done.  I’m very pleased.  I now have a MS riddled with red pen marks.  So my focus for September is going in and fixing what needs fixing (toughening up the main character, tightening a number of scenes, hack and slash in other areas). Aiming for a soft launch in October and then a form book launch (party in Bristol) during November.  Watch this space for news as the book goes through the final processes.


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