Incredible movie locations from John Carpenter’s The Fog (1980) filmed by Herve Attia

The Quest: Visiting the filming locations of favorite movies

Bodega Bay California - locations used in John Carpenter's movie The Fog (1980) by David J Rodger

Bodega Bay California – Image by David J Rodger

I was beyond happy when I made the trek to Point Reyes Station and then onto Francis Drake Blvd, driving through bleak and isolated moorland on a spit of land that stretches out into the Pacific Ocean. Perfect ready-made movie location for a story where the landscape is a part of the horror. And then I’m there. At the lighthouse used in the movie The Fog. Re-enacting a scene that drills deep into my early teenage years when this movie formed so many moods and memories for me.  It’s a curious phenomenon that some of us crave a connection to these fictional moments that have had such a impact on our psyche.

But Herve Attia has taken this to a whole new level. If you like The Fog then you’re going to be enthralled and delighted by this short video. He’s managed to embed himself in almost every vital location – and even gets a laugh-out-loud moment involving  Adrienne Barbeau.  Watch, enjoy, share.




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