Free Friday Giveaway – win one of seven near-future thrillers by David J Rodger just by an RT or Sharing this

UPDATE @ 22:13 Hrs GMT on Friday 6th Sep 2013

This promotion is now closed.

A winner has been selected.

Currently awaiting confirmation that he’s actually a human and for him to select a prize within reasonable amount of time.

Thanks for your interest if you took part.

I’ll be looking to run another one of these soon to promote the new novel due to come out in November 2013, called The Social Club. A thriller set in post-apocalyptic London (Yellow Dawn).

All the best


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Cover of Dog Eat Dog by David J Rodger

One of seven novels

Science Fiction Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger is going to give away a paperback copy of one of seven novels or a hardback copy of the role-playing game Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, to one random person who has retweeted this post (ensure you include @davidjrodger) or shared it via email, Facebook, StumbleUpon or any form of media (you can let him know via this contact form).

Rodger is seeking to capitalize on a flurry of golden reviews including a positive critical response from The Guardian, with the aim being to grow his audience whilst continuing to deliver fast-paced thrillers and horror stories set in the near-future.

Date of the free giveaway: Friday 6th September 2013

Want to help spread the word about David J Rodger?

Grab a copy of August’s press release and send it to any media contacts or people you feel would be interested in his work.

Legal blurb:

David J Rodger will collate all Retweets and shares.  Winner will be selected randomly from this list. Being involved in this promotion does not guarantee you will win. Only one winner will be selected for any given week (using the published win date for Free Friday Giveaway as the end of the campaign). Only one paperback novel or one hardback copy of Yellow Dawn rulebook will be shipped, and this will come directly from LULU Publishing or Amazon.



2 thoughts on “Free Friday Giveaway – win one of seven near-future thrillers by David J Rodger just by an RT or Sharing this

  1. Reblogged this on Walking Widdershins and commented:
    Free Friday Giveaway, chance to win a dark thriller set in the not-so-distant future by David J Rodger. Definitely worth checking it out, I’ve got my eye on a hardbound version of the Yellow Dawn RPG rulebook.

  2. Hi Howard,

    Got this from David J Rodger whose work, as you know, I really rate. Check out his press release below.


    Sent from my iPad

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